It’s all in the name

While efforts are still being made to find the person who shot our sweet pug, Popeye (story in previous blog in February), we are on the verge of a journey with a new puppy.  While the feeling is bitter/sweet we are beginning to feel excitement.  Several people in the community offered us a pug puppy.  The timing was a factor in choosing to go ahead with it.  I suppose the first offers that came in were quite possibly just too soon.  I did my best to respectfully decline.  As the weeks went on and the tears began to slow a sweet woman (Jennifer) began her relentless attempts to reach me.  She finally posted this note on the news story comments:  “Does anyone know how I can get ahold of this family? My pug is having babies and I would like to offer them a free pug, I know it won’t bring back their pug but I would still like to offer.”  There was something about her note and the mood I was in because I actually let the idea roll around in my head.  I replied by thanking her for the sweet and gracious offer and asked her to give me some time to talk to my family. When she and I communicated through messaging, she offered me the first pick of her pug’s litter.  Amazing!  Our family did discuss it and our sons were actually more convincing than I expected.  They were all for it, so it was up to my husband and I to decide on our final answer.

On February 4, 2013 a new journey began.  One male pug puppy was born of a litter of five.  It was an easy pick.  When he was only four days old, I was able to visit him and hold him in my hands.  What joy filled my heart! Holding him reminded me of the days when Popeye was a puppy.  This new puppy melted my heart and the decision was made.  He would be our new furry family member…final answer! What do we name this new fur baby?  Since we had a “Popeye”, do we call this one Brutus?  No!  Brutus was mean (only those of you who remember the Popeye cartoon will know this).  We wanted to name him something that would in some way bring honor to Popeye and his story.  Must keep thinking…

When Popeye was shot and killed, a local tavern owner (Griffy Bibeau) had posted on his Facebook business page that he’d like to offer $300 cash for any credible information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for shooting the pug.  The gentleman (David) who tried to help save Popeye contacted this tavern owner to ask if he knew us and to thank him for his offer.  This tavern owner said he didn’t know us but that he used to live in my neighborhood and was bothered that this happened.  He said he just really wanted to help.

I had an opportunity to meet the tavern owner and talk about our story.  He was really nice and so very sorry about what had happened.  Since he started the conversation about reward money, a bunch of other people began to want to add to that dollar figure and before we knew it, there was over $1,000 in a reward fund.  The generosity spread so quickly from this man’s initial offer.

We continue to wait on law enforcement or the conviction in the individual’s heart for answers.  In the meantime, we will love our new fur baby with all the love we gave to our sweet Popeye.  He will be coming home sometime in the middle of March.  I would like to introduce you to our appropriately named puppy.

Dear friends, meet Griffy: