There’s something about a new day

What is it about a mornings? They are really quite a gift! In the game of golf, if you have a lousy shot, your friend might say, “Take a Mulligan” which means take another shot, try again…essentially, you get a do-over. In life, each morning is a Mulligan. It’s an opportunity to have a fresh start. When we endure a stressful day or evening and wake up to a new day, there’s something really nice about knowing it’s a fresh start. Imagine how life would be without a new day to experience. What if there were no sleep…no night? Instead of saying, “I’ve had a bad day”, it would be ongoing frustration. Experiencing several hours of sleep gives us an opportunity to reboot, reset, recharge, re-do. We receive a new attitude with a new day, a new outlook, a fresh perspective. I’m so thankful for mornings…the Mulligans of life. Image