Yet there is beauty


Today as I watched the sun setting, I reflected on the day.  Wildfires have been burning down our most gorgeous forests.  The air in town was filled with smoke and there were air quality alerts throughout the news.  At the close of the day, I saw this amazing sunset and thought to myself, yet there is beauty.  In the middle of the most horrible situations, I have seen beauty.

There is a co-worker and friend of mine who is facing her final days.  Cancer has crept in like a terrorist and attacked the most delicate places in her body.  It’s been a few short months since she was invaded so unfairly.  I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with her these past few days and hearing her thoughts.  She looked into my eyes and said, “I’m so at peace and I’m ready to go.”  She has such a calm spirit and truly is prepared for her next destination. I asked her if she had any faith and she does, she knows she is simply changing addresses.  She said she’d recently read a book called, “Proof of Heaven” and she wanted people to read it.  She said she respected the writer because he is a scientist.  I will purchase this book tomorrow and start reading it. When I walked out her door, I was fully aware that it may be the last time I see her.   There is such sadness in knowing her life is ending, yet there is beauty!  She is leaving quite a gift behind to her daughter, husband and friends.  She’s giving them the gift of her peace and calm to everyone who is close to her.  We all know she’s ready, unafraid and calm….it’s beautiful.  I approached my car, took one last look at her front door and smiled.  Thank you dear, sweet lady for passing on your peace to me today.  May your last breath be as sweet as you have dreamed it to be.