I’m new to blogging. I can’t help but think about what this could be used for. At this point I’m aware that my mind is always spinning…it’s full of thoughts and love and maybe it would help to put some things in writing.

Why do people blog anyway? Is it to share ideas? Is it to show off crafty talents? Is it to show family photos to others who don’t use things like Facebook? What is it for? Do people write their life stories here? Do they hope to find friends or people who will listen? Do they feel alone? Are they scared and need a place to talk about it?

I will begin by simply sharing some things on my mind. Life is a very interesting thing. It’s full of joy and disappointment. It’s full of love and hate, pride and jealousy, confidence and anxiety as well as happiness and sorrow. On any given day any one of us might experience all these feelings within a few hours!! Often times joy comes my way through simple things like music, smiles, watching people hug at the airport and certainly laughter. God has given me a joyful heart so I laugh a great deal of the time and I recognize it is a blessing.

I’m going to attempt to blog about “stuff”, how’s that for a plan? I will write about things I see that bring joy because there’s too much to bring us down. I will undoubtedly have hard days because in this life there will be trouble and in those times I will be honest. Here’s to a new journey.


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