Wash your bad attitude away!

Don’t you love a hot shower? When my son was younger and started to get crabby or snotty I would say to him, “Go take a shower!” He never understood why I would insist on such a thing but each time he got out of that shower, he was in a much better mood…dare I say a much more humble mood? He would go into the shower as a debating teenager and come out of the shower as a sweet and apologetic teenager. I loved what the shower would do for him.

A shower is a fantastic way to wash the stink away. Oh sure, there’s the true stink from being dirty but there’s the stink you carry around after a bad day too. Maybe you just have a stinky attitude you need to wash away. It’s so nice to stand and let the warmth wash over you, taking with it your bad attitude.  Maybe it’s the heat…a soak in the tub or in a natural hot spring…it all seems to provide a sense of calm almost immediately. Whenever I’ve been frustrated, scared or sad I’m always pleasantly surprised by how different I feel getting out of the shower. Something interesting happens, surely I’m washed clean but my mind receives a cleansing as well. There’s new clarity to whatever situation I’m facing at the time.  As I feel the water spray on my head, I imagine all the junk running right down the drain. I rarely step out of the shower and feel worse. So next time you’re feeling crabby, my advice…”Go take a shower!”


There’s something about a new day

What is it about a mornings? They are really quite a gift! In the game of golf, if you have a lousy shot, your friend might say, “Take a Mulligan” which means take another shot, try again…essentially, you get a do-over. In life, each morning is a Mulligan. It’s an opportunity to have a fresh start. When we endure a stressful day or evening and wake up to a new day, there’s something really nice about knowing it’s a fresh start. Imagine how life would be without a new day to experience. What if there were no sleep…no night? Instead of saying, “I’ve had a bad day”, it would be ongoing frustration. Experiencing several hours of sleep gives us an opportunity to reboot, reset, recharge, re-do. We receive a new attitude with a new day, a new outlook, a fresh perspective. I’m so thankful for mornings…the Mulligans of life. Image

Blue skies smiling at me…


Even when the storms of life are all around, I see Hope! I took this picture last week while visiting with a friend who was going through a difficult time. When I saw the beautiful blue peering through the gray, it reminded me of where my Hope comes from. We need to keep looking up and watching for signs of Hope all around us. When the storm clouds surround you, remember that above those clouds there is blue sky and Hope, the storm is only temporarily in view.